Cookies and Cream | Organically derived Terpenes

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Cookies and Cream is a hybrid cross between an Indica-dominant hybrid Starfighter and an unknown GSC phenotype. This strain tends to have an earthy and sweet mix of vanilla, chocolate and white chocolate scent and flavor. Effects associated with this strain are described as happy, relaxing, and uplifting. 

 Primary Terpenes: Limonene, Humulene, beta Caryophyllene, and Myrcene

 COOKIES AND CREAM-Specific Certificate:


    Buy our award-winning Cookies and Cream terps based on award-winning strain Cookies and Cream profile sure to improve the flavor of any vape, aroma, or food products. Our Cookies and Cream Terpenes have unique mood enhancing or sedative properties that have the ability to influence your experience. This Cookies and Cream Strain profile is sure to be reminiscent of your favorite canna strain Cookies and Cream. 

     Terpene strain profiles allow you to add the terpenes of your favorite strains to your CBD rich products, THC infusions, tinctures, hemp oils, e-liquids, and even candles or food. 100% THC and CBD Free, these strain profiles are made from organic terpenes. 

    Cookies and Cream | Organically derived Terpenes - Sticks & Stone
    Cookies and Cream | Organically derived Terpenes