About Us

Sticks and Stone was founded with the intention to help small labs get to the finish line while staying as efficient as possible.

We have been working in the industry in a leading market for over 13 years focusing on cannabis extracts. In that time we have helped several starting companies launch and maintain increasing concentrate product sales. 

We work with cannabis entrepreneurs in facility/lab design, brand design and operations. Focusing on helping companies first get lean then get active, we have been able to help companies achieve prestige awards in places like Denver and California. 

We started this company because we have a love for helping start ups. Having worked in places were equipment is hard to find, we wanted to created a platform that allows for the necessary equipment for a successful MIP operation to be readily accessible. 

Using our deep experience in chemistry, and engineering, we want to provide you with the best solutions for your company. We love educating, we love networking, and we love growing the community.