Professional Services

Create a Brand that will Produce Consistent Product, Effective and Efficiently.

Our award-winning team at Sticks and Stone has over 25 years in combined experience in the cannabis industry. We provide the best in class solutions for a productive lab. The Sticks and Stone team have worked across multiple states, helping small labs grow into developed and profitable businesses.
We will work with your team, as well as your equipment to develop the best solution for you. Together, we can work with your team to create:
  • Top of the line Product, and Process optimization
  • Understanding the Extraction process, and yield optimization through analyzing data to allow for consistency
  • SOP creation, development, and implementation
  • Analytical Quality Control KPI. 
Our team’s knowledge and skill set range from hands-on training for operating lab equipment and machines to making all products on the market. If you’re looking for a little bit more than that, we also can assist you in the lab design and build out stages. Reach out to our support team to see how we can help you today       


  • Dry trim: Shatter, Wax, Sugar, Distillate, Decarb and Vape Carts
  • Live Resin: Diamonds, Badder, Terpene Isolation and Sugar
  • Operations: Lab Design, Lab Build, Training and S.O.P's