Butane/Propane(70/30) Custom Blend | Gas for Extraction

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If you’re looking for Extraction Grade hydrocarbon gases, our lab-tested products are an ideal choice. We are committed to providing clean and pure products to ensure you get the best results for your extraction process. Our butane and propane products are formulated with rigorous standards to ensure purity but also come in a range of formulations depending on your specific needs. Our 70/30N butane propane mix is designed for cannabis oil or hemp oil extraction processes and is available in LP-100 or LP-20 tank sizes to suit your extraction needs.


  • 70% Butane 30% Propane Blend
  • Up to 99.95% Ultra High Purity
  • Liquid solvent net weight is 110lbs/50kg for LP-100 and 22lbs/10kg for LP-20
  • Our product is clean, colorless, non-odorized, and free of any hydrogen sulfide-based ethyl mercaptan odorants