Complete California Air Tools 1.5 HP Ultra Quiet Air Compressor Package

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After years of testing out different air compressors all over the country in different climates, this complete package is the #1 air compressor solution we recommend for running either the Pikes Peak V2 or Longs Peak rosin presses. This California Air Tools air compressor complete kit comes with everything you need to hook up this compressor to your PurePressure rosin press. In addition you will receive a reusable desiccant air dryer to ensure a long, maintenance free experience with your press. This air compressor is ultra reliable, offers more than enough pressure, is assembled in California, and requires virtually no maintenance due to the oil-free piston construction. 


The perfect air compressor for PurePressure's pneumatic rosin presses

Ultra reliable

Assembled in the USA, this 1.5 HP California Air Tools air compressor is the top recommended air compressor to run a Pikes Peak V2 or Longs Peak rosin press. It offers high pressure, medium air flow, minimal service, and less maintenance with its oil-free two-stage dual piston pump system.

Quiet operation

With the standard version operating at only 70 decibles, you can put this air compressor in your lab environment instead of creating a custom closet or routing air lines from another room.

Air connections and dryer included

Keeping your compressed air clean and dry is critical. This package comes with a dessicant dryer as well as every connection and fitting you need right out of the box.